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gossipgirlsanta's Journal

Gossip Girl Secret Santa
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Gossip Girl Secret Santa - A Festive Holiday Community


To the Gossip Girl Season Gift Exchange site, also known as gossipgirlsanta.
Gossip Girl Santa is a Secret Santa community for the exchange of virtual gifts within the Gossip Girl fandom.
The idea for this site was taken from gg_santa, twilight_santa & various other Secret Santa communities that exist on livejournal.

Step 1. Join the community.
Step 2. Post your wishlist between November 1st - November 30th. Any type of created gift is acceptable to ask for: fanfic, banners, icons, wallpapers, videos, music mixes, etc. Posting a wishlist automatically means, that you will have to be a secret santa for someone else.
Step 3. In the first week of December you will be contacted by one of the mods of this community and be given the name of another member who also posted their wishlist. NOTE: Please do not reveal yourself to your Secret Santa. This will only ruin the surprise.
Step 4. Kick your creative booty into gear, and get cracking on making a "present" for your Secret Santa. Should you have any questions for your Secret Santa, please email the mods, and they will post the question for you at the community. Satisfying the entire wishlist is not necessary. Any contribution will be appreciated by your Secret Santa.
Step 4.5. Eager to get started? If you'd like to give your Secret Santa a "teaser" gift, simply send your teaser gift, along with the name of the recipient to the mods via gossipgirlsants@gmail.com then we'll post it for you.
Step 5. The big reveal. Gifts are to be posted between December 24th and January 3rd.
Step 5.5. If you are unable to complete your gift, please contact the mods via gossipgirlsanta@gmail.com. They will arrange a back-up gifter to complete your gift.
Step 6. After January 3rd, the mods will do a gift round up, and ensure that those who have not received their gifts are granted a back-up Santa, and in turn receive gifts.

Name/LJ username: Important we know this for tagging purposes.
Email address: So we know where to send you the information of your Secret Santa. If you prefer not to post it in public, please email it to us (with your LJ name) at gossipgirlsanta@gmail.com.
What I want: Be as specific as possible. Want a fanfic? Then make sure you state what kind and what characters you prefer. Want graphics? What kind? What characters do you like? The more specific you are and the more you ask for, the better the odds that you'll get fabulous gifts that you've always wanted!
What I can do: What do you prefer creating? Fic, icons, graphics in general, videos? Help us give you an assignment you'll be comfortable with.
What I absolutely won't do: If there's a character, pairing, or genre you can't write, or if you think you'll only be able to make graphics, etc., say so here.
Anything Else: For any information that might not be covered by the above questions.
Are you willing to provide a backup contribution? Yes, no or maybe are all acceptable answers. While we may ask for back-up santa's, if you know you won't have the time please don't feel obliged to answer yes. If you're not sure, feel free to put maybe, and let us know definitely closer to the dates.

Please remember to compose your wishlist in HTML and not Rich Text.


If you have questions, please do not hesitate to ask the mods here, and one of us will get back to you as soon as possible.

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